Since being part of the AAPT’s Teaching and Learning Seminar in July 2018, I’m striving to become a more learner-centered teacher.

In the 2018–2019 academic year, I was the UNC Philosophy Department’s Teaching Assistant Coordinator. Among other things, I organized a one-day AAPT Workshop in Chapel Hill.

I was Co-Chair of the AAPT Biennial Conference 2022 Programming Committee.

I’m also deeply committed to making my classes as inclusive as possible. Part of this involves diversifying my syllabi. On the basis of my Bioethics syllabus, I’ve created a “Race, Disability, and Gender in Bioethics” Reading Group Blueprint for the Diversity Reading List.

Courses Taught as Instructor of Record

Syllabi available on request

  • PHL 293 Chinese Philosophy (Spring 2023, UAB)
  • PHL 115 Contemporary Moral Issue x 2 (Spring 2023, UAB)
  • PHL 290 Ethics in High School: Service Learning (Fall 2022, UAB)
  • PHL 116 Bioethics x 2 (Fall 2022, UAB)
  • PHL 115 Contemporary Moral Issues (Spring 2022, UAB)
  • PHL 350 Philosophy of Language (Spring 2022, UAB)
  • PHL 393 Classical Chinese Philosophy (Spring 2022, UAB)
  • PHL 116 Bioethics x 3 (Fall 2021, UAB)
  • PHIL105 How to Reason and Argue: An Introduction to Critical Thinking (Summer 2020 and Spring 2021, UNC).
  • PHIL213 Asian Philosophy (Summer 2019, UNC).
  • PHIL160 Introduction to Ethics (Summer 2018, UNC).
  • PHIL165 Bioethics (Spring 2018, UNC).
  • PHIL272 The Ethics of Peace, War, and Defense (Summer 2017, UNC).

Courses Taught as Teaching Assistant

  • PHILS165 The Philosophy and Cognitive Science of Consciousness (Summer 2020, Yale).
  • PHIL155 Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Fall 2017, UNC)
  • PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2016, UNC)