Portrait photograph of a balding person with glasses and a beard wearing a red, feminine-coded top.

I’m a philosopher and a teacher. Since August 2023, I’ve been at Oklahoma State University, where I’m currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy. I use “they/them” pronouns.

From 2021–2023 I was at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I received my PhD in Philosophy from UNC Chapel Hill in May 2021. I was a visitor at Yale University in the 2019–20 academic year. Before moving to Chapel Hill, I did the BPhil at Oxford University. And before that, I studied at Durham University.

I work in epistemology, philosophy of action, and philosophy of logic, and especially on issues to do with normativity in those areas. I’m particularly interested in what it is to do something on the basis of a reason, which has broad implications for rationality and reasoning. It’s central to many exercises of our rational powers, from reading a website, to inferring a conclusion on the basis of premises, to figuring out which logic is correct.

You can email me by appending “@okstate.edu” to “cblaket”

I live with a philosopher, a dog (Anabelle), a void cat (Jett), and an orange tabby (Jingle). Some of these wonderful creatures are pictured below.